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Looking for new ways to play? Try your hand at these alternate Catan scenarios. Note: This is not a complete game! Requires Settlers of Catan base game to play.

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Catan Scenarios: Frenemies of Catan™

Requires ownership of The Settlers of Catan to play. Hark, friend! Let us… help… each other. We live in a time of altruism on Catan. We give away resources to help lagging players. We move the robber to isolated locations to ensure the safety of our fellows. We even go out of our way to connect our roads with our neighbors’ networks. Has everyone gone nuts? Ah! Thanks to their beneficence, Catan’s guilds reward such noble-minded behavior by handing out “Favor Tokens” (FTs). Each guild helps us in different ways: granting us roads, development cards, random resources, preferential trades, or even victory points. Everyone is just in it for themselves. There is an ulterior motive for everything. In fact, sometimes you can “help a friend” while making things far worse for them. Sigh… If goodwill really exists… it’s not part of this scenario.

Catan Scenarios: Oil Springs

"That’s right, oil has been discovered on the island of Catan! And after many years of study, the great engineers of Catan have learned ways to improve production using this valuable new resource, both by converting it into other resources and enabling the upgrade of cities into metropolises. But oil is scarce and its use does not come without cost. Using oil produces pollution, as well as climate changing emissions, which bring with them the threat of coastal flooding—and absolute disaster. With the discovery of oil on Catan, its inhabitants face a new challenge: deciding whether the common good is worth limiting oil usage or whether the pursuit of victory is worth the risk of ruin. Come and test your hand at Catan: Oil Springs and see how the discovery of oil affects life of Catan!"

Catan Scenarios: Santa Claus

Santa needs wool for his new coat and the coats of his elves. If you give Santa Claus wool on your turn, you may move him to a hex on the island of Catan. Once he arrives on the hex, he gives the settlers Christmas gifts and may even chase away the robber and/or to protect a hex! This expansion increases the strategic value of wool, which in the basic game is considered the least attractive commodity. This variant scenario is suitable as an add-on for up to 6 players and all expansions that include the robber.

Catan Scenario - Crop Trust

**You need to have Catan™ in Order to Play this Game** Catan: Crop Trust™ is an engaging and fun game experience for the family that may lead to thoughtful understanding about the importance of crop diversity to our food supply. Here, we introduce simple, semicooperative rules that enliven and educate the Catan® experience. Players must weigh their need to harvest crops against a collective goal to store and preserve seeds in the seed vault. Developed in collaboration with the Global Crop Diversity Trust (Crop Trust for short). The Crop Trust is an independent international organization whose goal is to preserve crop diversity in order to protect global food security. When you purchase this Catan Scenario, Catan Studio donates a portion of the proceeds to the Crop Trust, and you help to strengthen the foundation of our food system. Royalties and a profit contribution go to the Crop Trust, so every sale helps safeguard the precious building blocks of global agriculture.

Catan Scenarios: Legend of the Sea Robber

Legend of the Sea Robbers includes four new linked scenarios that tell the "Legend of the Sea Robber" to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Catan: Seafarers.

*You will need the Catan Base Game, plus the Seafarers Expansion in order to play this game

Catan Scenario: Rickshaw Run

As part of the April 2015 Rickshaw Run rally, 10 people from Catan, Mayfair and Kosmos traveled more than 2700km at the mercy of India’s legendary traffic—in 4 rickshaws—raising money as they went. They started in Jaisalmer, Rajistan and 12 days later they arrived in Shilong, Meghalaya. Based on their tour this scenario was created. The sale of this scenario supports the work of Childaid Network.

Catan Geographies: Georgia

In order to settle the Georgia region, you need the game pieces and cards from The Settlers of Catan game. You also need additional markers for victory point tokens; you can use Catan chits from the Seafarers expansion, coins, or whatever else is handy. The standard Settlers of Catan rules apply to this scenario, with certain exceptions.

Catan Geographies: Pennsylvania -  New Jersey

In order to settle the Penn-Jersey region, you need the game pieces and cards from The Settlers of Catan game. You also need additional markers for iron commodities and victory point tokens; you can use Catan chits from the Seafarers expansion, coins, or whatever else is handy. The standard Settlers of Catan rules apply to this scenario, with certain exceptions. Pennsylvania (The “Keystone State”) Originally dubbed “L’arcadia” (wooded coast) by the Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano in 1524, regions of Pennsylvania were claimed by the British, Dutch and French at various points in its rich history. Its transition into modern statehood began on March 4, 1681, when William Penn was given the largest land grant ever by King Charles II of England as payment for a £16,000 debt owed to William’s father. Penn founded a colony here as a place of religious freedom for Quakers and named it “Sylvania,” the Latin word for woods. Under Penn’s governorship, the region prospered and Philadelphia grew into a major colonial port New Jersey (The “Garden State“) Originally colonized in the 1630s by the Dutch New Netherlands colony in the north and Swedish New Sweden Colony in the south, the British seized control of the region in 1664. King Charles II granted it as a colony to two supporters from the Channel Islands, who called it New Jersey.

Rivals for Catan Expansion Card Set

Expand Rivals for Catan with this set of four cards. Set contains Johannes, Gavin, Alexander and Sebastian, and Axel cards, who all give you unique abilities.

Rivals of Catan Play Mats

Playmats help to keep your cards organized- leaving your mind free to strategize. Each set comes with two mats.