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No Stinking Sheep Hoodie

Are your friends not getting the message about you not wanting their stinking sheep? This shirt clearly gets the point across. Trust me, no one wants your stinking sheep!

Settler Hoodie

The next time that you gather with your friends be sure to wear The Settler Full-Zip Hoodie so all your friends understand that you mean business! This Full-Zip hoodie is designed for the true Catan fans in all of us. Made from an 80/20 cotton/poly blend to endure even the longest Catan games!

Ugly "Sweater"

Don we now our bad sweaters! This sweatshirt may be ugly, but your Catan victory will be beautiful! 50/50 Cotton/poly blend 8.0 crewneck fleece. Screen-printed.
$18.00 $30.00

Ugly "Sweater"

Time to add to the collection of Ugly Sweaters with this wonder that will top them all! This Ugly "Sweater" is made for the cold winter months, and few Catan victories are sweeter then the ones you get when your wearing this sweater. **Garment is a crew neck sweatshirt, not a sweater.