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Seafarers Socks

Explore the uncharted Isles of Catan while wearing the New Seafarer Socks of Catan! The true masters of Seafarers of Catan understand that you can’t travel to new land without a premium pair of socks. These socks are so valuable, people have tried trading their resources only to get glimpse of the remarkable design. The newest Catan socks yet, these dress socks are perfect for anyone with feet sizes ranging from 6-12.

Socks of Catan

Do you have feet? Does anyone you know have feet? If you answered "yes" then this product is for you! The highest quality Catan socks yet- these dress socks are absolutely the perfect gift item for people with feet sizes 6-12.

Catan Christmas Socks

"Love Catan? Love Socks? These combed cotton, made in the USA, super comfortable socks combine the diplomacy and style of the classic early 90s German board game with modern American textile manufacturing! Nice! These socks are made from the finest cotton grown in the Southeastern United States and knit together at a three generation heritage mill in North Carolina. Wool for Ore? No way!"

The Stocking Stuffer

This exclusive Stocking Stuffer Package features the Socks of Catan, Seafarers Socks, and our Christmas Socks now $10 off Retail Value! The perfect stocking stuffers for this holiday season! OSFM.
$49.99 $60.00

Trimming Kit

The perfect gift package this holiday season. Our Trimming Kit includes the Catan Christmas Socks and the New Catan Christmas Ornament now $20.00 for a limited time only! Don't miss out on these great stocking stuffers!
$19.99 $26.00