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Looking for new adventures? Try Catan expansions. Note: This is not a complete game! Requires Settlers of Catan base game to play.

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Rivals for Catan Card - Johannes

When your opponent plays an action card that costs you resources, the consequences can be mitigated if the "Advokat" is on your side. A picture of Dr. Johannes Delmere, Catan GmbH's lawyer, was used as a model for the card. The action card has the following function: "If you lose resources as a result of an action card played by your opponent, you may pay 1 gold and roll the die. 1-3: Demand 1 resource from your opponent; if he leads, you may demand another 1 from him. 4,5: You get your gold back." Note: The special card was produced in a small batch, independently from the regular production process. The corners of the cards may, therefore, have a slightly different curve radius than the standard cards.

Rivals for Catan Expansion Card Set

Expand Rivals for Catan with this set of four cards. Set contains Johannes, Gavin, Alexander and Sebastian, and Axel cards, who all give you unique abilities.