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Monopoly Card T

Everyone's favorite Catan card!! (Well, that may depend on whose hand it's in.) This preshrunk 90% combed cotton/10% Poly, 4.3oz. shirt is one of the softest, highest quality shirts you can purchase.
$24.00 $19.99

Don't Settle Long-Sleeved T

Never settle for less! (Unless you have 13 sheep...) 100% ringspun Cotton for a softer, lighter weight, and more durable shirt than standard cotton.
$30.00 $23.99

Lady of Catan T - Yellow

Lady of Catan shirt. This preshrunk 100% combed cotton, 4.3oz. shirt is one of the softest, highest quality shirts you can purchase. This shirt has a women's cut.
$24.00 $19.99

Catan Style T

Featuring a slogan by Catan fan Sydney Riordan, this Poly-blend "Catan Style" Catan T is considerably lighter and more durable than most. This is a "fashion fit" T-shirt with a similar cut to American Apparel or Next Level. Please contact us for a size chart if you have any questions.
$24.00 $19.99

Full-Zip Embroidered Hoodie

Premium quality 9.7oz heavyweight full-zip hoodie with embroidered Catan logo.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

These dishwasher safe Catan branded salt & pepper shaker sets come with a colorful wrap imprint and silicon stopper at the base. Made of ceramic.

Settlers of Catan Hardcover Deluxe Edition by Rebecca Gable

Settlers of Catan Novel by Rebecca Gable The year is 850. In the seas of northern Europe, the small coastal village of Elasund falls prey to marauding neighbors. Their food stores pillaged, women and children stolen, livestock destroyed, the villagers are left to barely survive the harsh winter — and contemplate a drastic solution to their recurring hardships: leaving the only village they have ever known. Foster brothers Candamir and Osmund lead their people on an epic quest to a mythic island home, but without knowledge of exactly where the island is, they must trust the gods to deliver them safely. Lost at sea and set adrift, an extraordinarily violent storm washes them ashore the island famed in pagan lore: Catan. They quickly set about building a new society but old grudges, animosities, and social orders lead to fraternal strife. As the ideals of Candamir’s Christian slave spread throughout the village and conflict with pagan law, the two belief systems clash. When both Osmund and Candamir fall in love with Siglind, the mysterious queen of the Cold Islands, things come to a head. Based on the wildly popular board game of the same name designed by Klaus Teuber, Rebecca Gable’s The Settlers of Catan book is a must-read adventure rich in detail and rippling with intensity.