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Catan - Chocolate edition

“CATAN – Chocolate Edition” is a greatly simplified version of the board game classic “CATAN.” Simplified so that you, dear players, can enjoy the chocolate as quickly as possible. Like in the original “CATAN,” you harvest the resources wool, brick, lumber, grain, and ore. You use these resources to build roads as well as settlements, cities, and knights, which earn you victory points. If you lack a specific resource needed to build, you can obtain it from your opponents through clever trading. The first player to have 5 victory points wins the game.

*Catan Shop is not responsible for chocolate that has encountered melting during transit.

Valentine's Day Cards - Set of 6 (Sold out!)

Share a special day with friends, and those you'd like to be more than friends! Set contains 6 invitations, along with 6 envelopes.