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Seafarers Magnetic Bottle Opener

This 5" magnetic bottle opener is an exact replica of the magnetic bottle openers used in 874 AD by the Vikings who originally settled Iceland. The prevailing archeological theory is that, particularly the Danes, preferred magnetic openers to traditional "church-keys" because many of their longships came equipped with mini-fridges. 9th century Norse shipwrights commonly built in kegerators instead of the Danish mini-fridge, so more northern dig-sites less commonly see magnetic bottle openers, and more commonly unearth red solo cups.

10.5oz White Wine Goblet - Set of 2

The perfect gift to make your partner feel special! (Dishonesty's ok in the form of flattery.) For those of you who disagree, we were thinking about making a 2nd, more honest gift set that said, "I would totally trade you for an ore... Or maybe even two sheep if no one has ore," but we figure you're probably single anyways.

Catan Pint Glass - Set of 4

This set of pint 4 pint glasses is perfect for yourself and three friends or depending upon how you roll, perhaps just yourself! Made from 100% lead free glass. Handwash for maximum product life.

Collectible 2018 Ore Mug

You cannot find happiness at the bottom of a glass, this is true. I mean, who is happy running out of their favorite beverage? The Collectible 2018 Brewmaster will rarely disappoint!

Catan Christmas Socks

"Love Catan? Love Socks? These combed cotton, made in the USA, super comfortable socks combine the diplomacy and style of the classic early 90s German board game with modern American textile manufacturing! Nice! These socks are made from the finest cotton grown in the Southeastern United States and knit together at a three generation heritage mill in North Carolina. Wool for Ore? No way!"

Socks of Catan

Do you have feet? Does anyone you know have feet? If you answered "yes" then this product is for you! The highest quality Catan socks yet- these dress socks are absolutely the perfect gift item for people with feet sizes 6-12.

Reversible Game Board

This board works with both your 3-4 player game and the 5-6 player extension to combat earthquakes on the island of Catan. Reversible Game Board allows players to enjoy the Catan game on one side and simply turn it around to play with the 5-6 Player Extension. This game board comes unfinished. Not a complete game! Requires The Settlers of Catan™ and The Settlers of Catan™ 5 - 6 Player Extension to play

Catan Invitation Cards - Set of 12

Set of 12 cards - 2 versions of each card - Printed on 80# matte cover paper - comes with envelopes - cards are die cut hexes, but envelopes are rectangular.
$10.00 $20.00


It's classic, authentic and genuine: THE Collapsible KOOZIE® Can Kooler

Seafarers Mug

This may look like an ordinary 11oz Catan coffee mug, but it's so much more. See the description below for details!

Shoulder Bag

Striped Beach Bag Hand Attack: +1 Against Clutter Space: 15” x 16” Material: Cloth Requires Level 3 (Cannot be used by gnomes or dwarves. -1 Defense for Wizards.)

6" Vinyl Die-Cut Catan Decal

6" die-cut Catan logo vinyl decal for indoor or outdoor use.

Rivals of Catan Play Mats

Playmats help to keep your cards organized- leaving your mind free to strategize. Each set comes with two mats.

Refrigerator Magnet

What to do with those unpaid bills, your kid's awful painting, and the summons from the whole "noodle incident" thing? Stick them to the fridge with this 3.09" x 3.57" Catan magnet.