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Seafarers Magnetic Bottle Opener

This 5" magnetic bottle opener is an exact replica of the magnetic bottle openers used in 874 AD by the Vikings who originally settled Iceland. The prevailing archeological theory is that, particularly the Danes, preferred magnetic openers to traditional "church-keys" because many of their longships came equipped with mini-fridges. 9th century Norse shipwrights commonly built in kegerators instead of the Danish mini-fridge, so more northern dig-sites less commonly see magnetic bottle openers, and more commonly unearth red solo cups.

Pint Glasses - Set of 6

Set of 6 Catan Pint Glasses. Each glass features the Catan logo opposite a different resource on it. The 6th has our friend The Robber to round out the set. Enjoy an fine German "beverage of your choice" with your fine German board game.

2016 Collectible Brewmaster Mug - Wheat

This 14oz ceramic mug serves as a reminder that although the robber may have stolen your sheep, tomorrow is a bright new day.

Collectible 2017 Mug

Whoever said that happiness can’t be found at the bottom of a glass clearly wasn’t drinking out of the 2017 14oz Catan Brewmaster Tankard. Go ahead… buy it… try it… you’ll find some. We promise…

Wooden Sunglasses

- Handcrafted from skateboard wood - TAC polarized lens / 400 UVA-UVB protection - Stainless steel spring loaded hinges - Features Catan Logo in gold - These glasses are handmade and assembled from the finest woods available. - The wood used in these frames are sustainably sourced making them environmentally friendly.
$80.00 $60.00

Socks of Catan

Our redesigned socks allow you to sport your love of the game discretely. Dress sock. 65% Cotton, 33% Nylon, 2% Spandex Fits women's shoe sizes 8.5-14, Men's 7-12.

Catan Building Costs Coasters

A friendly way of telling your friends not to set their drinks on the board - these coasters are made from high-quality acrylic with rubber feet to prevent scratching and skidding. Each set comes with four coasters.

Reversible Game Board

This board works with both your 3-4 player game and the 5-6 player extension to combat earthquakes on the island of Catan. Reversible Game Board allows players to enjoy the Catan game on one side and simply turn it around to play with the 5-6 Player Extension. This game board comes unfinished. Not a complete game! Requires The Settlers of Catan™ and The Settlers of Catan™ 5 - 6 Player Extension to play

Catan Invitation Cards - Set of 12

Set of 12 cards - 2 versions of each card - Printed on 80# matte cover paper - comes with envelopes - cards are die cut hexes, but envelopes are rectangular.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

These dishwasher safe Catan branded salt & pepper shaker sets come with a colorful wrap imprint and silicon stopper at the base. Made of ceramic.


It's classic, authentic and genuine: THE Collapsible KOOZIE® Can Kooler

6" Vinyl Die-Cut Catan Decal

6" die-cut Catan logo vinyl decal for indoor or outdoor use.