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Holiday Packages

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Gift Package

The Catan gift package includes the Original Settlers of Catan plus an additional wood color of your choice for a limited time off of $49.99! Additional exclusive colors include Black, Purple, Pink, Yellow, and more. Get your Catan package while supplies last!
$49.99 $56.00

Holiday Kit

Now that you've experienced the standard. It is time to step it up a notch with the Holiday Kit. An Ugly "Sweater:, Catan Ornament, Santa Claus Scenario, Chocolate Catan, and a Wine Glass set now for $80! Take advantage of these Christmas Packages before they run out!
$79.99 $89.00

Yule Package

Yule love this kit! The Yule Package is perfect for this Holiday season! Includes the Ugly "Sweater", Catan Christmas Ornament, and Santa Claus Scenarios for a limited time offer of $40.00. Get your Christmas gifts before they are gone!
$39.99 $49.00

The Stocking Stuffer

This exclusive Stocking Stuffer Package features the Socks of Catan, Seafarers Socks, and our Christmas Socks now $10 off Retail Value! The perfect stocking stuffers for this holiday season! OSFM.
$49.99 $60.00

Trimming Kit

The perfect gift package this holiday season. Our Trimming Kit includes the Catan Christmas Socks and the New Catan Christmas Ornament now $20.00 for a limited time only! Don't miss out on these great stocking stuffers!
$19.99 $26.00